Natural Color Tribal Design Carpet

Flying Butterflies in silk and wool carpet

Modern Central Medallion in Silk and Wool

Arabesque Silk and Wool Carpet design

Floral bouquet Silk & Wool carpet

Natural Color design soumak and kelim flatweave carpet


Abstract design natural colored carpet 200 x 150cm

Wallhanging Butterflies Velvet vintage fabric and handpainted


Emerald Green Silky Modern Carpet 244 x 178 cm

Tribal Kelim interior decor

Tribal kelim design with a modern twist size 300 x 200 cm

Star Design Keilm decorative rug


Kelim nimbaf natural colored soumak with camels


Zigzag multicolored Modern Kelim size 200 x 150 cm

Super soft silky Emerald fine Carpet

Funky modern Kelim size 240 x 170 cm

Silk & Wool Bold Flowers handmade carpet size 220 x 80 cm

Flatweave fresh colorful Kelim

Butterfly silk and wool decorative carpet

Tribal Geometric Kelim in Turquoise Aqua Modern Colors size 200 x 150 cm

Decorative Tribal Kelim with a Modern Twist

Round Calligraphy Handmade Decorative Cobalt blue Carpet

Fun Decorative Kelim in Vegetable Dyes

Circle Shape Customized Carpet in different patterns, silk and wool

Modern Design Carpet in Silk and Wool Silver hues

Stripped Blue and offwhite Modern Carpet

Customised Modern Carpet in Silk and Wool

Tribal Geometric Kelim in Modern Colors

Embroidered colorful Fish on Flatweave Kelim

Tribal Design Turquoise Hue Kelim

Red Vintage Anatolian Carpet with Central Floral Medallion

Vintage Anatolian with colorful Crochet

Fine Ikat Carpet with Modern Decor

Fine Ikat Carpet in Modern Interior

Vintage Black Anatolian Carpet with Turquoise Fringes

Ikat Modern Handmade Carpet Design

Pomegranate Senneh Kelim

Calligraphy Embossed Circle Carpet

Modern Design Kelim Made in Lebanon

Nimbaft Handmade Kelim with Pile knots Made in Lebanon

Butterflies Wallhanging from Vintage Textile and handpainted by Zeina Selwan

Pigeon Rock Raouche Lebanon Wallhanging painted on top

Tribal Losanges Kelim Made in Lebanon

Tribal Modern Kelim Made in Lebanon

Modern Design Kelim Made in Lebanon


Gabbeh Nomadic Carpet with flowers and butterflies

Gabbeh Bold Design Handmade Tribal Carpet

Handmade Tribal Blue Kelim Made in Lebanon

Tribal Kelim Made in Lebanon

Kelim Made in Lebanon

Soumak Vibrant Colored Rug

Chainstitch Floral Design Carpet

Lion Gabbeh Carpet

Tribal Gabbeh Carpet

Special Order Kelim with a Message Made in Lebanon

Painting on Vintage Carpet

Chocolate Truffles design Carpet

Isfahan Gombad Design in fine Silk & Wool

Peacock Vintage Anatolian Rug

Colorful Tribal Kelim with a Twist

Oumnia Oriental Carpet Pattern in Silk & Wool

Allover Ikat Uzbek Design Fine Carpet

Tullu Patchwork in Khaki & Faded Jeans color hues

Modern Pink Kelim

Tribal Kelim in Red & Black Made in Lebanon

Modern Kelim in Black & White

Children Paintings Patchwork Carpet Special Order

Oumnia Tribal Kelim made in Arsal Lebanon

Tribal Decorative Kelim with Modern Colors

Bold Rose in Silk & Wool Round Shape Carpet

Splash Design Decorative Carpet Runner

Colorful Cotton & Jute Kelim

Dress your Indoor & Outdoor

Mosaic Tile Design on Silk&Wool Carpet and Cashmere Shawl

Floral Pattern on both Carpet & Shawl

Dancing Calligraphy Carpet Design, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 180 x 120 cm

Gul bouquet Design Carpet, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 240 x 180 cm

Modern Central Medallion Design Carpet, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 200 x 150 cm

Mosaic Tile Design Carpet, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 200 x 150 cm

Repetitive Pomegranate embossed Design Carpet, signed Oumnia 200 x 150 cm

Arabesque Mosaic Design Carpet, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 250 x 200 cm

Oumnia Repetitive Oriental Carpet Design, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 180 x 120 cm


Stylised Medallion, Darya Collection 180 x 120


Pomegranate Design Carpet, signed Oumnia 180 x 120 cm

Spiral Web Modern Design in Silk & Wool 240 x 170 cm


Vintage Mesopotamia Babylon Embroidered Kelim 220 x 145 cm


Gabbeh Square Design Carpet 200 x 150 cm


Patchwork Decorative Carpet


Mosaic Natural Dyes Design Carpet 220 x 180 cm


Stone Modern Design Carpet 240 x 170 cm


Chainstitch Paisley Motif Carpet 240 x 170 cm


Zigzag Kelim from Old Yarn 240 x 170 cm


Stamp Rug Wallhanging 150 x 100 cm


Add Character to your Bedroom


Dress your Nest


Fine Leaves Design Carpet in pure Silk & Wool 240 x 180 cm


Red Splash Design Carpet, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 180 x 180 cm


Suzani Design Aqua Carpet, Silk & Wool 300 x 200 cm


Lebanese Flag Design Wallhanging, signed Oumnia 150 x 100 cm


Live in Harmony


Tribal Design Kelim with a Modern Twist

Al Khat Design Carpet, Silk & Wool, signed Oumnia 300 x 200 cm


Keep Calm and Buy Carpet


Tribal Kelim with a Modern Twist


Gabbeh Lozange Design Carpet in Natural Dyes 280 x 180 cm

Add Colors to Living Interior


Modern Colorful Jute & Cotton Carpet 250 x 150 cm


Close up Repetitive Pomegranate Carpet Design, signed Oumnia 200 x 150 cm


Statement Carpet & Cashmere shawl, Oriental with a Twist


Royal Blue Tribal Modern Kelim 150 x 100 cm


Dancing Calligraphy Design on both Carpets & Shawl, signed Oumnia


Modern Colorful Kelim for indoor & outdoor


Arabesque Pattern on both Carpet & Cashmere shawl


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