New Arrivals

Lebanese Flag Waistcoat & Handpainted Washable Mask


Handpainted Cedar of Lebanon Washable Mask


Ya Beirut embroidered Washable Mask


Ya Beirut Statement Scarf Design


Qajar Ladies Design Wool Shawl size 200 x 100cm


Mosaic Collage Large Shawl in Wool

"Thank you" in Sign Language


Arabic Numeral design scarf

Patchwork Design Carpet in wool

Carpet Medallion design pure Cashmere shawl

Large Size shawl with the Oriental Carpet theme

City Break theme silk Scarf

Oriental Carpet Design Shawl in soft wool

Flying Birds Design shawl


Where is the Limit message on my Scarf


Vintage Carpet Design Wool Shawl

Tribal Design Nomadic Carpet Pattern Jacket

Persian Tile Design Coat

Oriental Arabesque Motif Ballerinas

Carpet Design Pashmina Shawls

Persian Print Textile Ghalamkar Waistcoat

African Textile Light coat

Summer tunics in Pastel Colors and Persian Print


Light Soft cotton Persian Print Design Tunics

Delicate Lace on Cashmere shawls

Digital Feather Design on Pure Cashmere shawl


Summer Vibes Table Runner

Manicured Tip Toes Embroidered slippers

Cotton Light Summer Coat with Persian Print


Handpainted Cigar Ashtrays

Takhte Djamshid Design Oriental Design Coat

Oriental Design Shoes


Modern Design Kelim Made in Lebanon

Nimbaft Handmade Kelim with Pile knots Made in Lebanon

Embroidered Unique Slippers

Red Traditional Tarboush on Cashmere and Modal

Red Lebanese Rooftops Houses painting by Zeina Selwan on Cashmere Scarf

Gibran Khalil Gibran Love Quote on Pure Cashmere

Old Music Instruments Design Cashmere Shawl

Butterfly with Arabesque border Pashmina shawl

Funky Coat with Persian Tails


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