Decorative Carpets & Statement Shawls

Decorative Carpets & Statement Shawls

Statement Pashmina Shawls Designs

Flatweave fresh colorful Kelim

Embroidered Fish Decorative Handmade Kelim

Arabesque Tile Fine Carpet in Silk & Wool

Vintage Carpet Design Wool Shawl

Tribal Geometric Kelim in Turquoise Aqua Modern Colors size 200 x 150 cm

Embroidered colorful Fish on Flatweave Kelim

Ikat Pattern Fine Carpet

Karabagh Old Kelim with Gul Farang Western Flowers

Floral Pattern on both Carpet & Shawl

Arabesque Mosaic Design on Carpet & Shawl

Pomegranate Design Carpet, signed Oumnia 180 x 120 cm

Tribal Design Kelim with a Modern Twist

Tribal Kelim with a Modern Twist


Modern Colorful Kelim for indoor & outdoor



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