Pashmina Shawls

Zigzag Colorful Wool Shawl

"Ana Khat Ahmar" Statement Scarf with a message

Red Lips & Hearts Valentine Theme Pashmina in Wool

Statement Scarf Representing Lebanon Evolution

Turquoise Fresh Oumnia Design Scarf

Ya Beirut Statement Scarf Design

Qajar Ladies Design Wool Shawl size 200 x 100cm

Mosaic Collage Large Shawl in Wool

"Thank you" in Sign Language

Arabic Numeral design scarf

Patchwork Design Carpet in wool

Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil

Ya Beirut Statement Scarf

Numeral Numbers design Scarf

Statement Flag of Lebanon Scarf Design

Oriental Carpet Design Large Shawl in Wool

Qajar Women Theme Large Shawl in Wool

Multi Mosaic Design Wool Shawl

Handpainted Cedar of Lebanon on Scarf

Patchwork Carpet design scarf on wool

Autumn Leaves on Wool scarf

Unisex Collage Mosaic Oriental Pattern narrow wool scarf

Paisley Design purple hue Large Soft Wool Shawl

Red Paisley Design Wool Scarf

Carpet Medallion design pure Cashmere shawl

Large Burgundy Oriental pattern Design Shawl in wool

Narrow size scarf with an Oriental pattern motif

Large Size shawl with the Oriental Carpet theme

Girl Power Statement Scarf on wool

Multi Medallion in B&W Cashmere

Ya Beirut Statement Scarf

Oriental Design in wool men's size

Oriental Design square shape scarf

City Break Design Scarf in Silk

Where there is Love There is Life silk scarf with a message

Cedars of Lebanon in silk

100 Lebanese Lira Money Scarf design

City Break theme silk Scarf

Oriental Carpet Design Shawl in soft wool

Ikat Clutch matching a shaded pure cashmere shawl

Fluorescent Animal print design Scarf

Lotus Flower bouquet design scarf

Polka Dot summer Scarf design

Salam in Arabic Calligraphy Scarf with a message

Fluorescent Leopard Design Scarf

Multi Tile Design Scarf

Yellow Polka Dot design summer scarf

Abstract circles scarf on wool

Multi Tile design scarf

Flying Butterflies on Pure Cashmere

Lebanese old coins design scarf in soft wool

Flower Power design scarf

Oriental floral design on Cashmere

Singing Birds Design Summer Scarf

Interlinear Abstract Design on Rayon

Oriental Floral Carpet Design on pure Cashmere

Mosaic Multi Tile Design on Rayon

Fluorescent Animal Print on Rayon

Abstract Design on Wool

Persian Romantic Tale on pure Cashmere

Lotus floral bouquet on Rayon

Pure Soft Black Cashmere with Colorful Border in Oriental Ornament

Salam Peace in Arabic Calligraphy with Flying Birds

Multi Tiles Collage Design with beautiful colors

Flying Butterflies on Pure Cashmere Shawl

Abstract Colorful Design on Wool

Flying Birds Design shawl

Yellow Polka Dot Design scarf

Where is the Limit message on my Scarf

Large Leaves on Pure Red Burgundy Cashmere Shawl

Gray Pure Soft Cashmere Shawl with Gold Feathers Leaves

Black Soft Cashmere Shawl with Silver Foil Garden pattern

Multi colored cashmere shawl that will match any outfit

Watermelon Color with Feathers on Pure Cashmere

Oriental Central Medallion Design on Pure Cashmere

Gold foil Leaves on Pure Cashmere, available in different colors

Multi Colored Carpet Wool Design on Pure Cashmere

Carpet Design with two colored borders on Soft Wool

Vintage Carpet Design on Soft Wool

Medallion Design on Pure Cashmere shawl

Cypress Tree Persian Carpet Design Soft Wool

Pure Cashmere in Turquoise with Colorful Feathers

Money Scarf Old Lebanese Currency Note depicting the Pigeon Rock Limited Edition

Leopard Animal Skin Shaded colors Shawl

Vintage Carpet Design Wool Shawl

Arabic Kufi Calligraphy Quote on Education scarf with a message

Carpet Hair Design on Pure Cashmere

Cypress Tree Design Shawl on soft wool

Oriental Design with colored borders Scarf on soft wool

Gibran Khalil Gibran quote Pashmina shawl

Arabic Numbers Design Pashmina Shawl on Modal

Gibran Khalil Gibran Love quote Arabic Kufi Font

Gold Leaves on Pure Cashmere

Rainbow large Shawl Multicolored on Modal

Baalbek Temple with Floral motif on Modal

Digital Gold Feather on Pure Cashmere

Persian Carpet Design on Pure Cashmere

Suzani Pomegranate Design on Wool

Persian Mosaic Allover design on Pure Cashmere

Gibran Khalil Gibran Love Quote in Arabic Kufi on Rayon

Numbers Design Shawl

Red Tarboush Design Souvenir from Lebanon

Arabic Coffee Design on Rayon

Repetitive Pomegranate On Rayon

Digital colorful Feathers on Pure Cashmere

Colorful Feathers on Pure Turquoise Cashmere shawl

Colorful Feather Design on Pure Soft Cashmere

Lebanese Flag Design on Stones Shawl

Suzani Design Pashmina Scarf on Wool

Digital Feather Design on Pure Cashmere shawl

Watermelon Design Modal Pashmina

Baalbek Bacchus Temple Design on 100% Modal

3D Cube Tiles with Tulips on Pure Cashmere

Phoenician Alphabet Design on Modal

Watermelon Design 100% Modal

Rainbow Design Large Shawl on Pure Modal

Wold Map Design on Pure Silk

Blue Eye Design on Pure Silk Limited Edition

"I am Geisha" women theme pashmina shawl

Cleopatra Design Pashmina

Frida: I am a Woman, Women theme

Lebanese Flag Pashmina Shawl

Oumnia Pashmina designs serving as head scarves

Emerald Green Allover Ornament Design Pure Cashmere

Cactus Design Soft Wool Shawl

Women Theme Design Scarves special edition

Cleopatra Design special edition Scarf

New Ornament Design on Pure Cashmere with colorful border

Geisha Woman Theme Scarf

Persian Tile Design Scarf

Arabesque Tile in B&W

Ladybug Design Scarf on Soft Wool

Cactus Design Soft Wool Shawl

Arabesque Design in Blue Micro Modal

Corniche Design with Palm Trees and the Mediterranean Sea

Hot Air Balloon Design Modal Cashmere Scarf

Repetitive Pomegranate Design Modal Cashmere Scarf

Floral Pastel Cashmere Scarf



Lebanese Red Rooftops Design based on Zeina Selwan painting

Splash design on Vintage Carpet Pattern Pashmina Summer shawl

Mosaic Allover Design on Pure Cashmere Shawl

Arabesque Camouflage on Modal

Parrot Design with Arabic Camouflage Calligraphy

Abstract painting by Zeina Selwan on Silk Scarf

Red Traditional Tarboush on Cashmere and Modal

Pangea Painting by Zeina Selwan on Silk Scarf

Red Lebanese Rooftops Houses painting by Zeina Selwan on Cashmere Scarf

Gibran Khalil Gibran Love Quote on Pure Cashmere

Old Music Instruments Design Cashmere Shawl

Floral Design Modal Shawl

Butterfly with Arabesque border Pashmina shawl

Multi Arches Mosaic Design on pure Cashmere

Persian Backgammon Design on Pure Cashmere

Hindu Numerals on Pure Cashmere

Multi old Lebanese Currencies in B&W pure Silk

Stone Design on Soft Modal

Lebanese Coffee design on Soft Modal

100 Vintage Lebanese Lira dated 1945 on Cashmere

The Old 100 Lebanese Lira Redefined

Lebanese Flag on Modal Shawl

From the Lace & Cashmere Shawls collection

Red Ikat pattern on modal

Pastel floral pattern Carpet design

pomegranate suzani design

Oumnia tile on silk

Mum my Angel on Cashmere

Multi Arches ruines on Cashmere

Kashan Carpet Pattern on Wool & Silk

Believe Ask Receive message on Cashmere

Arabesque Mosaic pattern b&w cashmere

100 LL old bank note on Pure Cashmere

50 LL old bank note on modal

10 LL old bank note on pure silk

Knowledge Quote

Wrap It Style It

Red Pomegranate

RD Vous

Purple Rendez Vous

Edu Quote

Kufi Mix Fabric On Yellow Education

Chess Design On Pure Cashmere

Whirling Dervish with Carpet design base on Cashmere

This Too Shall Pass - Sufi Persian Saying

Playing Cards Design Summer Scarf

Phoenician Alphabet Design

Whirling Dervishes Design

Hindu Arabic Numeral Design

Signing Language Design

Oumnia Oriental Carpet Pattern

Mosaic Floor Tile

Flying Butterflies with "Have a Lovely Day" message

Arabian Horses Cashmere shawl


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