Lectures presented by Nivine Maktabi

Nivine Maktabi presented a lecture on Carpets and all her new design rug production in today's industry to the British Lebanese Business Group at the Radisson Martinez Hotel in Beirut Lebanon on March 13, 2014

Presentation on Carpets, Origin, Trends, Styles & latests production: for the Diplomatic Spouses Association in Lebanon, @ Oumnia Boutique, Beirut Lebanon, 28 February 2012

Organic Chitchat on the Art of Carpet Weaving @ Souk Al Teyeb, Sat 20 Dec 2008

Presentation on the History of Oriental Carpets, Tribal Way of Life & More @ the Metropolitan Hotel, 3 April 2008, Beirut - Lebanon for the British Ladies in Lebanon.

Lecture entitled “From the Looms to Your Rooms”, (June 2007) London-UK, held @ the Kensington Town Hall on Friday 1st of June 2007. Click to see picture

Lecture entitled “From the Looms to Your Rooms” (March 2007) Lebanon, on the occasion of Mother's Day & the Iranian New Year, Nohrooz, second lecture on carpets 23 March 2007 @ Oumnia Boutique, focusing on the Geographical review of Major Production Areas i.e.: Persia, Turkey, Caucasus, Turkmenistan and Morocco...as well as the Production Capacity of Carpets in these areas with visual examples & more...

Lecture entitled “Carpets: Persia Traditional Work of Art” (December 2006) held at Oumnia Boutique on Thursday 21 December


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